April 7, 2014

A to Z: The Young and the Yawning

Hm? What? Oh sorry, I must have zoned out for a second there on this dull and dreary day. But that's not the right attitude, is it? We must have zest for life! Live like there's no tomorrow! That's the fun of a flapper, after all, so let's dance!

If you're scratching your head in a daze because you missed my original post about the A to Z Challenge, don't feel deflated. You can find it here:  A-Z, and all that jA-Zz

Meanwhile, the Devil is finding work for idle hands to do, so let's keep ourselves occupied brushing up on our 1920s slang:

~*~  FLAT TIRE  ~*~
Meaning: A bore

"Boy, this road trip sure became
a real flat tire once we got
that...flat tire."

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  1. Hehehe, very funny quote today. And btw, your blog is very pretty. :)