April 8, 2014

A to Z: From Bathtub to Bottle, this Brew's for You!

Welcome back *hiccup* to my contri--*hic*--bution to the April 2014 *hiccup* A to Z Challenge. If you're new to the challenge or *hiccup* my blog, here's a brief explanation of what I--*hic*--I'm aiming for here: A-Z, and all that jA-Zz

Pardon the hiccups; perhaps I over-imbibed. Or maybe I just need to wash 'em down with more smooth 1920s slang. Bottom's up!

~*~  GIGGLE WATER  ~*~
Meaning: Booze, hooch
"This date's a flat tire.
Nothing like
giggle water
to give me
an edge."

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