April 9, 2014

A to Z: Don't Scrape Your Nose on the Way Out

Hm? You're here for what? Oh, yes...well. I suppose I could condescend to continue with the April A to Z Challenge. I can't be bothered to explain the whole drab affair to you again, however, and the help has the day off, otherwise I'd ring them, so please redirect your inquiry here: A-Z, and all that jA-Zz

I really do think it's marvelous you came to my blog, though, darling. I apologize that I'm not dressed up for the occasion; I only wear this old thing when I don't care what I look like. And the language of commoners isn't quite the worthy spectacle, is it? So let's just be done with this next linguistic lesson in 1920s slang, as featured in my upcoming novel Seven for a Secret--which I'd love for you read, if it's not too high-brow for your tastes, of course... ;)

~*~  HIGH HAT  ~*~
Meaning: Snob

"Boy, would I like to give those high hats a real spit-shine!"


  1. Oh my....so for all these years we've been calling Uncle Harry High Hat a snob!

  2. Ha, ha! I didn't think of that! :)