April 5, 2014

A to Z: Tipsy from Your Tipple?

Why, hello, hellooo! Fancy meeting you here! If you've stumbled in here after-hours and are curious what this is all about, my explanation is at this link, if you can still read it through your beer goggles:  A-Z, and all that jA-Zz

And now, let us raise our drinks in toast to my next A to Z Challenge 1920s slang term, as well as the intoxicating debut novel that inspired this theme. Cheers!

~*~  EDGE  ~*~
Meaning: Intoxication, a buzz 

"Woo! I've got an edge from that gin fizz."


  1. I just found you and added you to my Feedly. Great images and fun posts!

    Stopped by from AtoZ. Give me a visit some time.

  2. I wonder if this is what the term "Taking the edge off comes from"...except maybe it should be "Putting the edge on"???