August 20, 2017

FIRST PLACE WINNER! What the Clocks Know

I'm ridiculously excited to announce that this weekend, my last novel, What the Clocks Know, won first place in General Fiction for the 2017 Red City Review Awards!

You can see the full list of winners in each genre here:

And here's some of what Red City Review had to say in their 5-star review:
"Rumer Haven presents a twisted paranormal story in her latest novel. Keeping to a small-foiled cast, Haven features Margot, a young woman whose vulnerable state is intensified by her paranormal experiences. . . . A unique approach to Haven’s writing style is her use of red herrings. Taking advantage of her principal character’s vulnerability, Haven keeps her audience often confused as they are trying to figure out if Margot is suffering from a mental condition, is really experiencing the paranormal, or both. By using this literary tool, Haven is able to not only produce a consistent narrative flow, but also provide a flurry of unexpected character scenes up to and including the story’s close. What the Clocks Know offers paranormal enthusiasts a refreshingly gripping yet keenly deceptive read."
They also previously had this to say about Seven for a Secret:
"An intriguing tale that twists together the paranormal with a witty rom-com, Seven For a Secret is both a ghost story and a romantic escapade. . . . By pairing the modern-day story with intriguing elements from the 1920s, including ghosts and tantalizing trysts, Haven crafts a spellbinding plot that is sure to keep readers enraptured. . . . The story unspools at the perfect pace, layering more and more upon the reader as they move along the narrative. The comparisons that are drawn up between how women were treated in the early twentieth century to how they are viewed in the modern era is an especially fascinating element of the book which the author pulls off quite well. By blending genres of romance, historical fiction, and the supernatural, Haven pulls readers into her story with ease, as her talent for constructing such a juicy novel displays itself readily in every chapter."
You can find the full reviews here:

What the Clocks Know

Seven for a Secret

Thank you, dear readers, for your constant support!

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