August 24, 2017

Cover Reveal: COATTAILS AND COCKTAILS, by Rumer Haven

Very excited to share this with you, Flappers!

by Rumer Haven

Historical / Romantic Mystery
Releasing September 14, 2017

A body clearly shaken, but not stirring…

Summer, 1929. Murder isn’t on the menu when Chicago tycoon Ransom Warne hosts a dinner party at his country estate. But someone’s a victim—and everyone’s a suspect—when drinks and desires lead to disaster.

Hollywood starlet Lottie Landry has returned home to celebrate her engagement. She’s famous for her on- and off-screen romance with co-star Noble, but, privately, she’s having second thoughts. As her former guardian, Ransom doesn’t approve of the match. Yet his own affections raise questions when his wife, Edith, suspects him of having an affair—just as Noble suspects Lottie. Stirred into the mix are Lottie’s friends Helen and Rex, a young journalist and football hero who can feel tension building in the Warne mansion like a shaken champagne bottle.

And once the cork pops, a body drops.

Coattails and Cocktails is where Agatha Christie meets The Great Gatsby, a whodunit spiked with new love and old baggage, public faces and private vices. Filled to the brim with romance and mystery, it’s sure to intoxicate.

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  1. I love this cover! And congrats on the new book.

    1. Thank you, Aubrey! You realize this story never would have happened without you, right?! It's the one I started for the box set that wasn't meant to be, ha!! I am SO glad that opportunity did come up, though, to get me going on this. :)