August 22, 2019

Where'd the Clocks Go?
Follow my ebook shortlink ( to What the Clocks Know, and it leads to nowhere. Find the paperback at Amazon, and it's selling at a dramatically higher price. This can only mean one thing, folks.

Yep, the book's out of print.

But not for long! I've recently reclaimed my rights to this title and will be re-releasing it later this year, when it'll join Coattails and Cocktails under the Fallen Monkey imprint. (From Crooked Cat to Fallen Monkey? It's a virtual menagerie over here!)

What the Clocks Know won First Place in General Fiction in the 2017 Red City Review Book Awards, an achievement I'm incredibly proud of, especially since this story was the very first novel manuscript that I ever penned. Whittling that rookie effort into award-winning shape wasn't easy, and I'll be honest that there's still more sanding and varnishing to be done. One could say this of any story, so there's of course a time when we have to just let our book babies go and survive in the wild without us. That said, I'm seizing republication as an opportunity to re-edit Clocks into a stronger version of itself. I'm not talking total revamp, just tightening the opening chapters and little tweaks here and there as I read the book myself for the first time in years. It's been a decade since I started writing Clocks, and I expect the clocks know even more now. I know I do.

On a more superficial note, I'm also quite excited to present this book in a prettier package! For Clocks' second edition, I will be collaborating once again with the cover and interior designers of Coattails and Cocktails--a dream team to be sure! Watch this space (and my social media profiles) for updates.
Until then, dahhlings, I will be back to blog about the creative "woo-riting" that went into my latest paranormal project, "Revolve Her," which you can find now in Paperback Writers--an anthology of original stories inspired by the music of The Beatles. Universal. Romantic. Experimental. Timeless. Emotional. Fearless. Eleven short stories that all share a chord. (All proceeds benefit the World Literacy Foundation.)

~ Rumer

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