May 20, 2016

#99c this weekend! What the Clocks Know #OneClick

Yessiree, through this weekend only, What the Clocks Know is on sale for only $0.99 / £0.99! Here's what reviewers have to say so far:

"A unique tale of the paranormal―as beautiful as it is haunting."―Shani Struthers, author of Jessamine and the Psychic Surveys series (★★★★★)
"It's not unusual to find a ghost story couched in the broader tale of a lifestyle change; but what brings What the Clocks Know to real spooky life is its ability to timeslip the protagonist between Victorian and modern London to enter different worlds that each serve as a microcosm of love, hate, and everything in between. . . . [A] powerful novel packed with eye-opening imagery and tales of spirits dead, alive, and evolving. . . . The entire production is a gripping read, highly recommended for ghost story enthusiasts, timeslip novel readers, and anyone who likes romance and powerful protagonists facing unexpected circumstances."―D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review (★★★★★)

"Rumer Haven presents a twisted paranormal story in her latest novel. . . . A unique approach to Haven's writing style is her use of red herrings. Taking advantage of her principal character's vulnerability, Haven keeps her audience often confused as they are trying to figure out if Margot is suffering from a mental condition, is really experiencing the paranormal, or both. By using this literary tool, Haven is able to not only produce a consistent narrative flow, but also provide a flurry of unexpected character scenes up to and including the story's close. What the Clocks Know offers paranormal enthusiasts a refreshingly gripping yet keenly deceptive read."Red City Review (★★★★★)

"Traveling between Victorian and 21st century London, this is a thoughtful and well plotted suspense/ghost story"―Rosemary S, Librarian, NetGalley (★★★★)

So, snatch up some ghostly goodness for yourself or gift it to a friend using Amazon's "Give as a Gift" feature!