June 10, 2014

#amediting...not dead

My editor is so sweet and freakin' brilliant. I hope this positive sentiment that she shared yesterday lasts... :)

My apologies for the radio silence and that I haven't made it around to everyone's blogs lately. I received my first-round edits back and was curled up in my cave the past week tending to them. That was the first time I'd let myself read my manuscript in several months, and I'm so glad we had parted ways a while--made it so much easier to be a little less sentimental and therefore see and trim out superfluous narrative, as well as totally get what my editor was asking for and why. I have loved the process so far and just hope my revisions meet with her satisfaction.

I've never done this before, so my approach was to do a first-pass just making a beeline to all her comments and changes to field them one by one. I then did a comprehensive read-through as my second-pass, re-addressing my tweaks along the way to smooth them over and look for any excess I could cut out--my word count is rather long due to the fact that this book is comprised of two separate yet intertwined romances (one modern, the other in the 1920s), so to develop either adequately, some length was in order. But in general, it's my modern-day thread that has required the most work to pick up pacing and make characters more sympathetic, so for my third-pass, I did a read-through of the modern story only, further trimming and developing. And did this all in a week's time. So my mind is fairly fried, and my eyeballs are hanging from their sockets by a thread.

And now it rests in my editor's hands to do with what she will to meet our developmental edit deadline at the end of this month. Wish us luck!

Am off to become some semblance of a domestic goddess today to undo various results of my neglect... ;)


  1. Your manuscript sounds like quite an undertaking with the two separate romances and the 1920's setting. Your editor is awesome for supporting you and helping you make the story the best it can be. Glad you took a long break from it, everything I've heard/read about editing recommends that. Lots of luck with the next edit(s)!

    1. Thank you, Chris! Yeah, I'd thought at first I would just have these brief flashes to the past and keep the story mainly in the present, but they both just evolved into two separate yet intertwined books almost, practically double the word count I'd originally aimed for. Guess that's where the organic part of writing comes in--for however mapped out a story is in advance, it can still take you to unexpected places. :)