April 24, 2014

A to Z: The Indiscreet Elite

Condescending to join me again for the A to Z Challenge? Thank you, daaahhlings, for not turning your sophisticated noses up at my vulgar language.

The spirit of this month's theme stems from my debut novel, SEVEN FOR A SECRET, due for release by Omnific Publishing this summer. It's a half-contemporary, half-historical romance in which a Jazz Age tragedy haunts a modern woman's love life. So to shape you into the right attitude for the haughty high hats and floozy flappers of Al Capone's Chicago, let's recommence our elocution lessons with some new 1920s vocabulary, dears...

~*~  UPSTAGE  ~*~
Meaning: Snobby, arrogant.

"Everything jake? Wanna come back inside?"
"Aw, those women are so upstage, I'll never live down this run in my stocking."


  1. Thanks. I'll have to use the word upstage in an upcoming story. I'm your newest a to Z follower, and I'm glad I found your blog before the challenge is over. I look forward to when your book comes out – sounds great.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for visiting, Debi! I do hope the lingo finds a place in your story. :)

  2. Hm, I might try to bring this one back in to modern day lingo.

    I'm getting SO excited to read this story, btw!

    1. I'm so excited for you to read it, too!! Depending on what hits the cutting room floor, Vibrizzio might find his match in Dickie Greenleaf. ;)