April 12, 2014

A to Z: The Ease of Expertise

Ignorance is not always bliss. So if you're first joining me here and still don't get what Blogging from A to Z is all about, it's time to get in the know: A to Z Challenge.

Now that you're informed and ready to proceed, allow me to further educate you on Roaring Twenties slang so you don't go into my debut novel blindly.

Meaning: Know what's up. Know what you're doing/talking about.

"So then I says to him,
'Listen. The next time you check under my hood, you'd better know your onions.'"

--Gladys on persisting car troubles, but her innuendo helps her colleagues pass the workday.


  1. What a great phrase! I'm going to start using that one...

    1. It's a fun one, isn't it? Utterly random, which is why I love it. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Kate!

  2. Oh,, yeah. I'll soon be 81 years into my life and have heard about any and all expressions floating about (and some not floating about) ha. Thanks for the reminder of that one. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Blabbin' Grammy. (today number 771 on the blog challenge list.) Come visit me. :)

    1. I certainly will visit you, Grammy! Thanks for popping by here. I'd love for some of these old expressions to become new again. :)