March 14, 2019

Save the Date: HISTORYTELLERS Scavenger Hunt on March 17!

Hiya, Flappers!

As you may already know, my fiction has a penchant for the past and paranormal--emphasis on PAST for this post. With two novels partially set in the late-19th and early-20th centuries, respectively, and one entirely taking place in the 1920s, I'm teaming up with fellow authors of historical fiction this weekend for the HISTORYTELLERS Scavenger Hunt!

On Sunday, March 17th, 12 authors of historical fiction set in the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s are joining together to offer a bundle of their books to one lucky reader--which could very well be YOU! Talk about the cat's meow.

The book on offer from yours truly is COATTAILS AND COCKTAILS, a 1920s murder mystery that won FIRST PRIZE in the 2018 Red City Review Book Awards. For a preview, you can read the 5-star review here:

To find out how to participate, hunt organizer and author Sarah Zama has the rules at her website: Easy-peasy.

Also, if you'd like to help spread the word (the more, the merrier!), you can simply copy-paste the following TWEET:
Are you a reader of #historicalfiction set in the first decades of the 1900s? Then we're on the same page! Join the #Historytellers scavenger hunt for a chance to win 12 novels set in your favourite period! #historicalfiction #amreading #freebooks
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As for my writing partners in crime, all of us participating authors are testing the circuit today to ensure everything goes without a hitch on Sunday. (Please note, then, that what follows below is only a test. The official entry form and clues will ONLY be up on Sunday.)

This is the link to the blog next to me in the hunt:

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All right, then. That'll do it for today. I hope you explore the links above, share them with others, and join us on Sunday for the scavenger-huntin' hootenanny! See you then, dears.

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  1. Hi Rumer! You're spot on. And I love your test post! ;-)