July 18, 2016

Please DO Judge a Book by its Cover! #CoverWars

Let's get ready to rrrRUMBLE!

What the Clocks Know is duking it out in the Cover Wars this week. Though more than one person has asked (oddly enough), no, that's not a photo of my back. Crooked Cat Publishing and GoOnWrite.com get all the credit for this image; all I did was choose it from so many lovely options offered. But I couldn't be prouder to throw it into the ring. Though they say you can't judge a book by its cover, this one truly couldn't suit the story better.

If anyone's keen to vote, here's the link: http://authorshout.com/cover-wars/

Please share and vote every day if you want! And by week's end, may all my worthy contenders be a little slug-nutty from the Clocks cold-cock. ;)

(Ooh, them's fightin' words!)

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