February 19, 2016

Go on a Book Bender! The Locklears' Reader Appreciation Giveaway


Authors Morgan and Jennifer Locklear have reached nearly 2,000 Likes on Facebook, and they want to spoil their readers with a fabulous giveaway! If you haven't already been "exposed" to it, these two co-authored a highly entertaining novel of Hollywood scandal--the adult contemporary romance Exposure.  


This book is a rich and witty world of the poshness and pitfalls of stardom, and I loved all the clever pop cultural references. The conflict surrounding the celebrity characters’ personal lives and how they strategize to portray such to the public is fascinating as well, and there’s interesting insight into the art of cinematography itself. I personally can't wait for more from these two, either together or individually--and I happen to know that Jennifer Locklear does indeed have a new manuscript up her sleeve. Keep posted for that one, folks. 

But until then, 16 amazing authors (yeah, okay, I include myself in there ;)) have offered up signed paperbacks or ebooks. Yours truly is giving away a signed paperback copy of Seven for a Secret, which I'm happy to ship anywhere in the world.


TODAY through February 29th, you and your friends can enter by visiting (and hopefully) liking the author pages of these participating authors. You can join the Rafflecopter here: https://www.facebook.com/MorganandJenniferLocklear/app/228910107186452/

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16 winners will be drawn on 
Leap Day, February 29th!
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Cheers to Morgan and Jennifer for this awesome opportunity, for readers and authors alike. And if you're joining in the book binge, good luck to you and HAPPY READING!

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