September 28, 2015

#MusicMonday - SEVEN FOR A SECRET Soundtrack

Kicking off a new feature today in hopes of becoming a little more consistent in my blogging efforts. :) And so, without further ado, today's Music Monday selection is...

by The Bird and the Bee

Today's little ditty comes to you from my unofficial soundtrack for Seven for a Secret. In the book, Lon plays the original 1926 Irving Kaufman version of "Tonight You Belong to Me" on his Victrola. But this sweet, modern rendition provides the perfect bridge between the novel's past and present story threads. I can almost hear it playing during the epilogue, actually--that final scene with Kate and Dexter. The song's rippling, almost glimmering synthpop evokes a celestial, standing-in-line-for-Space-Mountain-at-Disney-World sound befitting Kate's and Dex's planetarium jobs and all the stargazing throughout Seven for a Secret.

That's it for today, rockstars. Have a happy week!