April 16, 2014

A to Z: Whatever Wets Your Whistle

Bring out the biscuits, cream, and fine bone china...the scones, the silver, and a saucer of slang.

It's A-to-Z time, darlings!
Do you take your cup-o-Twenties terminology with one lump or two?

Now let's raise our postures and pinkies and stir up some fun. For whilst the ladies of Downton sip sweetly as Grantham walks his pooch, the flappers of Downtown spike this drink with two-parts hip-flask hooch.

~*~  NOODLE JUICE  ~*~
Meaning: Tea.

"I'm ready to chase this noodle juice with something stronger."


  1. I have a new term to throw around. My daughter will love it.

  2. Ha, ha! Glad to add this to your and your daughter's lexicon. :)

    Thanks for visiting, Susan!